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About Stairlifts Cape Cod

From the Owner

Cam Camenga, Owner — Stairlifts in Hyannis, MA
"Hi everyone, my name is Cam Camenga and I have been in the mobility business for 15 years. Years ago my Mom and Dad were having problems with stairs and that is when I began my search to find them the best stairlift on the market. What I found was a stairlift that needed almost no maintenance and seemed to run forever, heck I was so impressed with the Acorn stairlift, that I formed my own company! But stairlifts are not just for the young at heart, I have many customers that have had knee and hip replacements that are younger than myself, but are back on their feet again QUICKLY, because their rehab wasn't hindered by them trying to negotiate a staircase. Instead they used an Acorn stairlift to save the wear and tear on their legs and hasten the healing process. One thing I have learned in this business is that many people wait too long to buy a stairlift, I'd rather they get one while they can still enjoy it and not waste their strength or risk their safety on climbing a set of stairs. Save that energy for doing what you truly enjoy, your hobby or your grandkids, and don't worry about having to move because the stairs pose a challenge, you can now glide safely up and down them without a care!"

"I am not only your dealer, but your installer and serviceman too!"



Why Choose Me vs. the 800 Number?

You may have seen advertisements for Acorn Stairlifts on T.V. Did you know that the 800 number you call is associated with a retailer in Florida? When you call me, you're dealing locally! I can save you hundreds of dollars while offering you the best advice. Same great equipment, same warranty, but at a lower cost and better, more personal service!

Prompt, Friendly Service - Always On Time!

I have been in the service industry my entire life, so I understand that you have better things to do with your time than waiting for your installer/repair man. When you call Stairlifts Cape Cod, you can trust I will always be on time (a 15 minute window is usually all that is needed)! If I am late for any reason, I will always give you a courtesy call.