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Will the stairlift scar my walls? If I ever decide to remove it, my walls are very old plaster, will it make a mess of them?
No, your walls are not affected at all by the installation. The stairlift actually sits on the stairs and is held in place by anchoring into the stair treads, and only 4 of them, the walls are never affected!
I don't have an outlet near the stairs, will I have to have an electrician wire-in a new outlet?
It is doubtful, in fact as long as I have been doing this, I have never needed an electrician! The transformer (the part that provides power to the stairlift) has 30 feet of cord, so I can usually find an outlet in close-enough proximity!
I understand that the stairlift has battery backup so that if there is ever a power outage, that the batteries will take over and the stairlift will continue to run, is that right?
Well, yes and no. You see the stairlift always runs on its batteries, and when you park the stairlift at the top or the bottom of the stairs, the machine will recharge there, automatically, so the next time you use it, it will have the batteries fully charged and ready to go. It will continue to run during a power outage-one of the beauties of the machine!
Will the installation take long?
No, not long at all. A standard installation takes me about 2 hours at most.
We have considered moving our bedroom downstairs but the master-bath is still upstairs, this just seems like such a logical move to have a stairlift installed instead.
Exactly! Why put yourself thru an entire renovation, not to mention the moving of all that furniture and the expense, when you can have a stairlift installed in a few hours and still have the use of your entire home! Your home remains intact as well as your sanity!
The person doing the installation, has he been with you long? I don't relish a teenager doing the work who may be more interested in his cell phone than my equipment!
The person doing the installation has been with me forever! In fact, it is myself that will be doing the work in your home! I will treat your home as if it is my own and you will not have to worry about picking up after I have left. I will leave your home cleaner than I have found it....If that is possible!
Should we decide to sell the home and move, what do we do with the equipment?
Not to worry, I do buy -back the equipment and remove it at no extra charge to you!